KESQ NewsChannel 3 Palm Springs, CA: Defense attorneys: Randy "Duke" Cunningham didn't wear a wire

SAN DIEGO Attorneys for Randy "Duke" Cunningham are denying reports that the disgraced ex-congressman wore a wire to surreptiously gather evidence for the U-S government.

Cunningham's defense attorneys issued a statement today denying a report that appeared in Time magazine and prompted fierce speculation in Washington. Time reported Friday that Cunningham wore the wire before he entered his plea on November 28th.

Cunningham, a 64-year-old Republican, resigned from Congress after admitting that he pocketed two-point-four (m) million dollars from defense contractors and others in exchange for government business and other favors.

Attorneys Lee Blalack and Mark Holscher say Cunningham has never worn a body wire during conversations with his former congressional colleagues or any other public official.

They also say he has not surreptitiously gathered evidence against any public officials.