Cunningham Denies He Has Done Anything Illegal

(via KFMB Local 8)
Last Updated:
06-24-05 at 9:58AM

Republican Representative Randy Cunningham of San Diego says that he "showed poor judgement" when he sold his Del Mar home to a defense contractor who then resold the property at a loss.

However, Cunningham denies that he did anything illegal.

Defense contractor Mitchell Wade bought Cunningham's home in Del Mar Heights in November 2003 for more than $1.6 million. Wade then sold the home in July 2004 for $975,000- a net loss of $700,000.

Wade was awarded contracts by the US government at the urging of Cunningham.

Democrats have called for an investigation into whether the deal was a way for Wade to funnel money to Cunningham, who says he welcomes "any and all appropriate investigations."


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